Puzzling Things to do @ Disneyland™

Step into the shoes of Detective Cottrell and be joined by his offbeat associate Pinkerton as you solve a mystery at Disneyland in the upcoming Puzzling Things to do @ Disneyland™ book. Unlike traditional puzzle books, Puzzling Things to do @ Disneyland™ is an interactive mystery, with characters, a plot, and puzzles ranging from family friendly to the Great Mouse Detective. Just some of the unique features include:

  • Many levels of difficulty to satisfy everyone
  • Pass the time in the queue with fun, family oriented puzzles
  • Engage your brain with multi-layered puzzles
  • Uncover the hidden puzzle and solve the mystery brought to life in the plot
  • Be rewarded with Disneyland secrets everytime you solve a puzzle
  • Learn interesting history of the park as you walk in the footsteps of the detective to solve the puzzles.

Stay tuned for more information and updates.